Robert Fadel’s Plan to Save Tripoli


As opposed to its capital Beirut, Lebanon’s north and south remain far less developed. This is partly due to the conflicts that have impacted these regions, but also due to the lack of investment in these communities. Capital ventures into cities such as Saida, Tripoli and Tyr would help develop them into booming economies, create further jobs, and help relieve some of the pressure on the capital Beirut.

In north Lebanon, one of the most promising development ventures is the Tripoli 2020 Vision, an initiative undertaken by the Tripoli members of parliament (MP), headed by MP Robert Fadel. The city of Tripoli, despite being the second largest city in the country, with a waterfront location and a large port, has seen little development. War and political conflicts, as well as lack of positive advertisements, have led to investors ignoring Tripoli as a potential opportunity. The board of Tripoli Economic Vision 2020 is determined to change the situation through a comprehensive remaking of the city to recreate it as a model of economic growth and development for the country and the region.

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