International Beirut Energy Forum 2017

Melhem Riachi announcing the launch of Quantum.

Yesterday was the last day of the International Beirut Energy Forum, which, according to its organizers, is “one of the most reputable and professional energy events in the Middle East, specifically dedicated to sustainable energy issues and projects”. As a matter of fact, this event attracts key persons in the energy sector from all around the world, where platforms are given to important “energypreneurs” in order to discuss topics related to energy efficiency, renewable energy, and green buildings.

This year marks the event’s 8th Edition, organized by M.I.C.E Group, was held under the patronage of the President of the Republic Michel Aoun at Le Royal Hotel in Dbayeh, from the 18th until the 20th of September. It saw 28 participating countries – 18 among them being Arab countries and the other 10 being European countries – and had many exhibitors, all intending on exhibiting again during the event’s 9th Edition in 2018, having been successful in generating new networks for their business and in meeting their overall objectives Participants included Banque Libano Francaise, AUB’s Masri Institute of Energy and Natural Resources, and Fransabank, among 30 others.

Having a large amount of support from important institutions such as the League of Arab States, the European Union, UNDP, and the Central Bank of Lebanon among many others, the 3-day event has become the main event for the Lebanon Committee of the World Energy Council, making it a top-notch event for all to attend.
On the event’s first day, the Issa Petrol Trade, in the presence of the Minister of Information Melhem Riachi, launched Quantum, an advanced fuel that is made of an eco-friendly formula of quantum that brings multiple benefits such as less pollution, power and responsiveness, engine protection, and fuel economy. We also witnessed the official opening ceremony of, along with Minister of Energy and Water Cesar Abi Khalil, the exhibition area where business opportunities can be explored. Along with multiple panel discussions, there was the award ceremony where awards were distributed to “Energy Ambassadors”. Those awards are given to top leading personalities in the energy sector for their achievements, all-the-while acknowledging their professionalism, as well as that of institutions.


Distribution of the awards.

Distribution of the awards.

There were five awards, each recognizing institutions and key persons’ efforts. The Award for Lebanese Individual was given to the Minister of Defense, Yaacoub Sarraf. The Award for NGO/Public Institution/Not For Profit Institution was given to the American University of Beirut (AUB). The Award for Lebanese Institution was given to Banque Libano-Francaise. The Award for Lebanese Company was given to ECOSYs, a company that provides world-class renewable energy solutions. Last but not least, the Award for Regional or International Individual or Company was given to Francesco Lacamera, Director General for Sustainable Development, Energy & Climate, along with the Italian Ministry of Environment Land and Sea (MATTM in Italy).

As a matter of fact, the event’s second day was entirely dedicated to the presentation of the environmental cooperation that the MAATM has put in place with countries of the MENA region, as well as the implementation of the commitments present in the 2016 Paris Agreement. This edition of the IBEF saw the participation of a delegation of Italian companies for the first time, where MATTM, along with the ICE Agency (Italian Trade & Investment Agency), gave rise to almost 170 private business meetings.

On the event’s third and final day, apart from the numerous interesting sessions, a pre-bid meeting took place, an event strictly restricted to delegates, concerning 180MW solar farms bid, giving interested bidders the opportunity to find out more on the issue and receive answers to their questions, as well as advice and guidance on the bid.

This event was one with many memorable moments, such as the launch of the annual Climate Change Student Competition by Banque Libano-Francaise along with AUB, as well as the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding between FransaBank and the Association of Lebanese Industrialists (ALI). We just have to wait and see what the next year brings to our doors.

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